Total Solar Eclipse: Take Powerful Action In Your Life

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 28 degrees: August 21, 2017 at 10:16 am PDT

I am driving down to Oregon next week to join with others on the “path of totality” to watch the total eclipse of the Sun.  This will be my first time witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon where the Moon will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth, casting a long shadow upon the Earth’s surface.  Those along the path of totality, (which stretches from the Oregon coast to the South Carolina coast here in the U.S.), will experience a short window of time where the moon will appear to block out the Sun, turning the daytime sky dark and revealing the Sun’s sparkling corona along with several neighboring stars and planets.  The last total solar eclipse, visible from coast to coast across the country was almost 100 years ago on June 8, 1918.  Those of you, who will be outside the path of totality, will still be able to view a partial solar eclipse, where the moon will cover a portion of the sun’s disk.  Visit to find out what time to watch the solar eclipse from your town. (Protective eyewear is necessary.)

This visible meeting of the sun and moon is a compelling opportunity to turn our attention outward to the celestial bodies, who are essential to our very human existence.  From a Shamanic perspective everything in the universe has consciousness.  The stars, moon and planets are conscious beings who not only provide the physical conditions necessary for us to exist and survive, but also influence us and assist us on our paths towards spiritual maturity.

Shamanic practice involves developing an awareness of the consciousness of all things and participating in symbiotic relationships with them.  We can apply this when building a therapeutic relationship with our physical body as I teach with the Antara method, we can also apply this when cultivating relationships with the celestial bodies. The study of astrology has helped me to connect with these celestial beings more deeply and with more appreciation. It has been essential to my growing understanding of life – of the widely varying circumstances that different human beings are born into and must learn to navigate while here on earth.  Why some people seem to be here on a vacation life time, while others face a series of incredibly difficult challenges, sometimes beginning as early as birth.

Astrology describes the relationship between the positions, transits, and characteristics of the planets and stars and our human experience.  The astrological birth chart indicates the unique personalities that we are born with, the events of our lives, and the qualities that we agreed to further develop during this incarnation.  When we compare the birth charts of two different human beings who interact with each other, we are shown the karmic challenges and opportunities within that relationship dynamic.  This branch of astrology is known as relationship synastry.  Astrology goes far beyond the popularized sun-sign columns that most people are familiar with.  The field of astrology is rich and complicated, and could require lifetimes of study to fully understand.  Anyone who has put in sufficient effort to study their own astrological birth chart in detail and the birth charts of those they know well, cannot deny the stunning accuracy of this ancient field of study.

Once you have become engaged with your astrological birth chart in this way, you can experience, and observe the effects that the positions and transits of these individual planets have on your personality, your life events, your moods, your perspective, your physical health and your development.  I have found the in depth study of my birth chart to be a fascinating and extremely helpful tool for navigating life and relationships with more awareness and for a clearer understanding of my personal contract, mission or purpose for coming here.  For those of us who don’t have the time or inclination to examine our own birth charts, it is still beneficial to have a general awareness of this living, cosmic system, that guides our emotional, psychological and circumstantial experiences as we develop through life.  This awareness can serve as a valuable anchor to our faith that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should.

In this post, I’d like to introduce the importance of a solar eclipse as it relates to our lives here on earth. Lunar and solar eclipses, whether partial or total, happen in pairs every 6 months in alignment with one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac.  While aligned, each one of the constellations of the zodiac is granted their own unique influence on the eclipse.  Eclipses are a cycle of activity within a system, that the wise and loving universe uses to guide our individual spiritual development and to assist in the evolution of human consciousness as a whole.  Lunar eclipses tend to bring culminations and endings, while solar eclipses bring new beginnings and new levels of awareness.

The sun, as the giver of life within this solar system, influences our creative life force, our will to live and our conscious mind.  The moon receives, reflects and responds to the sun’s light.  She influences our subconscious mind, our deepest feelings, our instinct and intuition, and our reactions.  When the moon aligns perfectly with the sun at a total solar eclipse, it is as if they are both seeing life from the same vantage point.  They have an opportunity to share the same perspective.  This affects us here on earth, as we experience a congruency of our conscious and subconscious minds.  It is an opportunity for us to align our will, our thoughts and our emotions to take powerful action in our lives.

Solar eclipses allow a “thinning of the veil” between this physical realm and the etheric realms.  During a solar eclipse, the moon, as it moves in between the sun and the earth, interferes with the solar wind (radiation from the sun that excites the electromagnetic field around the earth).  When the earth’s electromagnetic field is diminished in this way, the shield of this reality or “the veil” is lessened and other subtler energies are more easily experienced.  This is why it is more common during the time of an eclipse for individuals (who have some level of clairvoyant ability) to receive visitations from guides or deceased loved ones who have crossed over to the etheric realm.  Others may experience this thinning of the veil as heightened intuition, vivid dreams, or detailed visions while meditating.  Because this August’s total solar eclipse is aligned with the constellation Leo, this temporary decrease in the electromagnetic field will be opening a window to that particular corner of the zodiac and allowing in a smoother flow of radiation from the stars of Leo.  (The brightest star in Leo, Regulus, will be visible near the sun during the solar eclipse along with Mars and Mercury.)

The stars of Leo influence us to focus on ourselves personally and to create through our own unique essence.  Who am I?  What do I truly want?  What are my gifts?  What gives me the most fulfillment and joy?  How can I be more light hearted and have more fun?  Am I acting with integrity and honor? Am I living from the ego or am I living from the heart?  Where am I ready to express my gifts and where am I ready to claim my power?  These are the kinds of Leonine questions we may be asking ourselves during this wave of Leo energy that will continue to influence us for 6 to 12 months after the solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses fuel changes and new opportunities in our lives.  If other transiting planets in the solar system are forming “harmonious” geometric angles to the eclipse (for example a trine of 120 degrees or a sextile of 60 degrees) then the eclipse is said to be friendly, and we will experience these changes as more welcome.  If transiting planets are aligned in difficult angles to the eclipse (a square of 90 degrees, opposition of 180 degrees, or a conjunction within 10 degrees of the same space), we are more likely to dig our heels in a bit and try to resist the changes.  It is better to be curious and open however, because the eclipses are known as “change agents”, and their responsibility is to bring about necessary course corrections in our lives.

During a recent conversation with my shamanic mentor, she spoke of one of her own guides in the etheric realm, who previously lived within the Maya civilization, a Mesoamerican civilization regarded for its in depth knowledge of astronomy.  He had communicated to her that this total solar eclipse was going to be a more significant change agent than the winter solstice of 2012, which many had associated with the Mayan calendar.  He expressed that the timing of the Mayan calendar was off (or possibly our interpretation of it was off – I didn’t clarify), and that in hindsight, this eclipse season would be known as the important transition time that his civilization was anticipating.  A time of quick change, a time of acceleration across the board of whatever is already activated.  So things that are heading in a positive direction will have more force and speed behind them and things that are heading in a negative direction will accelerate as well.  As she shared this with me, I thought about the planet Uranus, who will be exactly trine this eclipse from 28 degrees Aries.  When a planet forms an exact geometric angle to a solar eclipse in this way, that planet is allowed to have a powerful impact on us.

Uranus is an unpredictable planet who loves to shake things up and accelerate the tempo of change.  He creates restlessness and brings disruptions into our lives that ultimately stimulate us to break free of conventions and take more risks.  His goal is to help us think outside the box, and to develop more independence, freedom and enlightenment.  Several other planets will be aspecting this eclipse as well, however their degrees are not exact, so their influence will be softer than that of Uranus, who seems to have the starring role.

Mars, a planet known for his motivation, desire, aggression and confrontation will be slightly conjunct.  Jupiter, who brings expansion and progress will loosely sextile the eclipse and Saturn will be forming a loose trine.  Saturn is a serious planet who requires us to be organized and disciplined so that we can use the whirlwind energy of this eclipse in a practical way.  This eclipse will be close to the north node of the moon, which will send us an invitation to move in the direction of a higher destiny.  Mercury will be in retrograde during the eclipse, which may delay some of the effects later into the six month period that follows.  The energy of this eclipse will wash over the whole earth, but should have an especially strong influence on the United States, because it is here where the longest eclipse shadow will fall.

(Transiting Uranus will exactly trine this solar eclipse from 28 degrees Aries, forming a 120 degree angle in the sky.  This gives Uranus, with his propensity to revolutionize whatever he touches, a strong influence over the eclipse and our lives.)

We are meant to be in a symbiotic or co-creative relationship with the celestial bodies.  The earth, stars and planets can work through us and with us, as we use our unique talents and abilities to create and make tangible progress in this physical realm.

The constellations of the zodiac influence “how” our sun, moon and near-by planets express themselves within our solar system. The sun and moon, together at 28 degrees Leo during the solar eclipse, will be expressing their conjunction by showering us with Leo energy.  We can use this Leo energy constructively by exuding positive Leonine qualities, such as confidence, creativity, loyalty, optimism and playfulness.  Signs that we are using this Leo energy destructively, could be a tendency to act egotistical, headstrong, domineering, and arrogant.  Uranus will be influencing the solar eclipse as he expresses himself through Aries.  Aries energy, when used constructively, enhances our curiosity and enthusiasm, motivates us to take action, initiate, and lead others. When Aries energy is used destructively, we may become confrontational, impatient, and impulsive, while lacking the discipline to finish what we start.

The houses within your individual birth chart show “where” these energies will play out, meaning what area of your life and your psyche will be stimulated to change.  See how to access your personal birth chart below.  I recommend this for correctly locating the eclipse in your chart because simply reading about how the eclipse will impact your sun sign is usually not accurate (your birth chart houses are based on your time of birth, not your day of birth). Your birth chart is divided into 12 sections or houses.  Each house is ruled by one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac.  The houses govern certain areas of your life, types of people and relationships in your life, ideas and life circumstances.  The solar eclipse will land in one of your 12 houses.  Uranus and the other planets are also transiting these houses as they revolve around the sun, and will land in specific houses at the time of the solar eclipse, adding more complexity and flavor to the eclipse if they are in close aspect to it.

The birth chart can be thought of as a picture of the planets and stars taken at the time of your birth and from the location on Earth that you were born.  It is basically a map of the sun, moon and planets in geometric aspects to each other and to the constellations of the zodiac.  This map describes your personality, your past life karma, and your present life goals.

Here is an example of my birth chart and how to locate which houses the eclipse and Uranus will land in:

(The constellations, represented by colored symbols along the outer circle, are each assigned 30 degrees within that circle.  There is a notch representing every five degrees listed counter clockwise on this chart.  Each house is represented by a pie slice and the house numbers (1 thru 12) are listed around the innermost circle.  The total solar eclipse on 8/21/17 is aligned with Leo at 28 degrees.

In my individual birth chart, 28 degrees Leo lands in my 8th house.  Uranus will exactly trine the eclipse from my 3rd house at 28 degrees Aries.  This means I can expect changes involving the areas of my life and psyche that are governed by those two houses.  If I welcome those changes, rather than resist them, I can make better use of this cosmic energy.  I don’t have any planets at 28 degrees Leo, however I do have several natal planets forming loose aspects to the eclipse (those at 24, 26 and 27 degrees), so those will be somewhat stimulated, affecting the houses they reside in as well.)

View a free copy of your own birth chart on

I have included a brief summary of the house characteristics below.  You can use this to get an idea of which aspects of your life are about to change both because of the affects of the solar eclipse and because of the affects of Uranus.  While viewing your free birth chart on, first locate the house position of the solar eclipse in your chart.  It is in this area of your life that you can expect encouragement and new growth for the next 6 to 12 months.

Then locate Uranus in a separate house, 120 degrees away from the eclipse.  The location of Uranus will show you a different area of your life where you can expect sudden, unpredictable change or disruption that will in some way support the new growth encouraged by the solar eclipse.  This exact 120 degree alignment of Uranus with the total solar eclipse is considered highly significant in Astrology, and is said to give Uranus a revolutionary influence over the eclipse. Note – If in your birth chart, a natal planet, or your natal sun, moon or ascendant, corresponds to the precise degree of the eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, you will experience the eclipse in a much more dramatic way.


1st house, ruled by Aries (self-image/self-expression):  The first house involves the integration of who you are on the inside and the image you express to the outside world.  You are being asked to open up to a new way of expressing and presenting yourself.  You will receive support from the universe now in your efforts to present yourself with more authenticity and when your self-expression is in alignment with your core values.  Consider the impression you make on others through both your personality and physical appearance, and then decide where you would like to make improvements.  Because the 1st house is the house of the self, this is an important time to be independent and assertive, to attend to your own needs and to express your needs, honestly, to others.  The condition of your physical body is also related to your appearance, so this is a supportive time to strengthen your body and care for your health.  When Uranus is in the first house during an eclipse, you may suddenly break free of old limitations you placed on yourself or accepted from others.  Your self-expression may change quickly and in very unexpected ways.

2nd house, ruled by Taurus (self-worth):   The second house is concerned with the development of your self-worth.  You have an opportunity now to open yourself up to the abundance that is available within the universe.  This starts with your personal beliefs about your own worthiness.  Where are you unwilling to receive abundance because of nagging clouds of self-doubt or guilt?  It is time to learn from your previous choices, move on and don’t repeat those mistakes again.  You are supported now by the universe when you make efforts to improve your self-worth.  This may require you to develop new skills and talents that allow you to change the way you earn money, increase your income, and enjoy your work life more.  It may also require you to manage your budget more efficiently to allow more financial freedom.  This is also an important time to get clear on your psychological value system.  The universe is encouraging you to stand up for what has worth and value to you, while still allowing others the right to their own values.  If Uranus lands here during an eclipse, try to be especially flexible in all matters related to money and values.  A sudden increase in your earnings is also possible.

3rd house, ruled by Gemini (communication/daily interactions): The third house governs your communication and the way you interact with people on a daily basis, such as your friends, neighbors, siblings and business associates.  How clearly are you communicating your thoughts, feelings and intentions with these people?  How well are you listening to them?  What messages are you communicating to yourself, or to your own body?  The universe is supporting you as you upgrade your communication skills.  You may feel alert and restless when this house is activated due to a high amount of mental energy flowing through you.  Apply this mental energy toward learning facts, so that the opinions you are communicating are better informed.  Your efforts toward healthier communication will be rewarded, whether you are socializing, writing, teaching, communicating through the media, or having conversations within your own mind.  It is also very helpful to use this restless energy to do something new and different.  You might take up a new area of study or go on several short trips.  When Uranus lands here during and eclipse, the tempo of daily events will speed up even more and your ways of thinking and communicating may change more dramatically.

4th house, ruled by Cancer (home/security/family):  The fourth house allows you to explore and develop your sense of inner security.  You may find yourself spending private time alone so that you can reflect on your attitudes and feelings about the outside world.  This is a chance to become more conscious of how your past conditioning from childhood may be controlling your behavior when interacting with others in the present.  This is also an important time to tend to your home environment, to your family relationships and to your support system.  Home improvement projects, redecorating, or a new home or property may be in the works.  A focus on giving and receiving support within your inner circle (family, or those who feel like family) is likely.  Your sense of inner security and safety will be noticeably more solid when this transit is complete.  When Uranus lands here during an eclipse, expect sudden changes or upsets that lead to new freedom in the most personal areas of your life, including your home and your relationships with family members.

5th house, ruled by Leo (creativity/pleasure/romance/children):  The 5th house is associated with your unique creative expression, your appetite for fun, and your relationships with lovers and children.  You are encouraged to impact the world through your creativity, and to be passionate or bold in your self-expression.  Now is a time to define what is meaningful to you, without being overly influenced by others opinions. Your attention may be turned toward children or a romantic partner.  You will be supported as you become more emotionally involved with them, and as you do what you can to create mutual happiness in these relationships.  Take advantage of this cosmic support to live it up and get your creative juices flowing while still remaining conscious of yourself and your responsibilities.  When Uranus lands in the fifth house during an eclipse, even more excitement and stimulation in these areas of your life is likely.  Romantic relationships of a Uranian nature may not last, but they will revolutionize your approach toward love.

6th house, ruled by Virgo (routines/work/health/service/coworkers/pets):  The sixth house focuses on your duties and responsibilities toward your work, your physical health and toward being of service in the world in some way.  Your efforts to be efficient and effective with your daily routines or to be of service when your help is needed will be supported by the universe, and you will derive a strong sense of satisfaction from this behavior.  This is also a valuable time to use this cosmic influence to tend toward your physical health.  You will have the motivation you need to follow those routines that are necessary to clean, strengthen and balance the body.  Relationships with coworkers may be highlighted.  You may adopt a new pet or your attention may be focused more on your pet during this time.  If Uranus is transiting here during the eclipse, you may feel an urgent need to change routines that have become dull and to find new kinds of work and service opportunities that allow you more freedom.

7th house, ruled by Libra (the other person/one on one relationships/partnerships):  Whereas the first house represents the self, the seventh house, opposite on the wheel, represents the other people in your life who you form partnerships with.  This can include a marriage or committed romantic partner, business partner, consultant, close friend, or even a particular family member who you interact with closely, one on one.  When this house is activated, you are becoming more aware of how you operate within your already existing relationships.  What kind of a companion are you?  Are you uplifting to be around?  How is your ability to compromise?  Are you fulfilling the other person’s needs?  Are they fulfilling yours?  Because one on one relationships or partnerships function as a unit, both sides must be fulfilling the other’s needs in order for the relationship to thrive.  Usually, when a solar eclipse lands in the seventh house, the universe is urging you to focus on how you can be a better partner in each of your one on one relationships.  New relationships may enter your life at this time, giving you additional opportunities to learn about yourself through relating and to better develop your ability to cooperate and be harmonious with others.  If Uranus lands here during the eclipse, tensions within your relationships may become intensified to a level where only solid bonds will be able to weather the storm.  Even solid relationships may require significant changes in order to evolve to a new level of emotional development and maturity.  Uranus wants to help you transform your relationships, so that they are mutually regenerative.

8th house, ruled by Scorpio (psychological transformation/truth/intimacy/joint resources): The eighth house is concerned with truth, psychological transformation, sexuality and intimacy, and finances held jointly with another person (partner, debt, inheritance, taxes etc.).  When this house is activated you may direct your attention toward your psychological health or toward gaining deeper understanding of the mysteries of life.  Some kind of crisis may stir your need for this and the universe will support your soul searching by helping you to be much more in touch with your emotions, your intuition and your motivation to find hidden truth.  You will emerge from this more whole, more trusting of your inner guide, and more empowered.  This is a deeply intimate house, so issues within your relationship regarding sexual and emotional reciprocity may surface.  Shared resources are associated with this house because intimate partners often do share their finances.  Also, the eighth house (other people’s money and values) is opposite the second house (money you earn/your values) on the astrological wheel.  During this time you may be encouraged to change the way you handle joint money and resources in a partnership, renegotiate interest rates, or reevaluate your savings plan or investments.  This is an important time to become more aware of others and of your responsibilities toward them physically, emotionally and financially.  It is possible that your partner’s income will increase, or that you may win money or receive an inheritance when this house is activated.  The eighth house is also associated with death, letting go and the spirit world.  Some aspect of your life may be ending, so that a new order can come to be.  It may be time let go of a close relationship, if that person’s values are not in alignment with your own core values.  You may experience increased access to the spirit world. Uranus here during the eclipse, will increase the suddenness and intensity of changes related to your 8th house.

9th house, ruled by Sagittarius (broadening of the mind, personal philosophy) The ninth house inspires us to broaden our perspective, to explore and expand through study, long-distance travel, and exposure to different cultures and belief systems.  You will be given opportunities to break free of your mundane routine, so that you can search for meaning and nourish your spirit for adventure.  Your efforts may be directed toward spiritual studies, or moral and ethical considerations.  You will be developing a more balanced perspective that leads you to formulate your own personal philosophy about life and the universe.  You may also be given opportunities to teach, write or publish information that will help others to broaden their minds.  Higher education, foreign people, in-laws, and moral development through legal issues are all associated with the expansive nature of this house.  Uranus here during an eclipse may send a lightning bolt to deconstruct any rigid belief systems that are no longer useful to youHe seeks to set your mind free and open you up to new inspiration.

10th house, ruled by Capricorn (career, reputation, responsibility) The tenth house highlights our soul’s potential for achievement in the material world.  Situated opposite the fourth house of home on the astrological wheel, the tenth house draws your attention outside of the home, and focuses it on your career, your social standing and your contribution to society.  You will be supported with opportunities to build your strength and competence, so the universe can give you a position of higher authority and greater responsibility in your profession.  Self-mastery, self-discipline and integrity will be required to use this energy successfully.  You may find yourself in the limelight.  Uranus here during an eclipse may challenge your social status, reputation or career if any of these aspects of your life have become stale or oppressive. Uranus may push you to move in an unexpected fresh direction with your career, so that your talents can be better expressed.  Your relationships with parents and authority figures are also highlighted within this house.

11th house, ruled by Aquarius (aspirations, groups, friendships):   The eleventh house encourages us to maintain our integrity and unique individuality while interacting harmoniously with friends and groups of people.  When the eleventh house is activated, you will be attracted to participate in group activities in both a social and professional sense.  This gives you the opportunity to explore your values and ideals in relationship to those of others within the group.  You will receive support from the universe when you develop an objective approach, seeing no one as inferior or superior because we are all incomparably unique.  Now is an important time to socialize and cooperate with others while staying true to who you are and what you understand your higher purpose in life to be.  Learning the value of teamwork, friendship and belonging to a community will be highlighted.  This is known as the house of aspirations, hopes and wishes, so now is an important time to dream big and set higher goals for a different and better lifestyle.  Uranus in the eleventh house during an eclipse may stir you to break free from friendships or groups who are no longer appropriate for your path of development.  This clears the way for new connections that are more fulfilling.

 12th house, ruled by Pisces (subconscious mind, past life karma, spiritual realm): The twelfth house draws us inward, to examine our subconscious mind and discover how it may be directing our lives in ways we are unaware of.  The subconscious mind is where we may be storing traumatic memories from earlier in this life or from a previous life.  When these get triggered, they can dictate our reactions to events in the present and cause us to act in inappropriate ways that confuse others.  We will receive support from the universe now when we honestly acknowledge our own faulty behaviors that lead to hardship, isolation or conflict in our life.  Spending time alone in quiet reflection or meditation can allow us to observe these emotions from the past.  The universe will support us in having compassion for ourselves around these emotions, while also recognizing that they are no longer relevant to our present life circumstances or relationships.  If we face these hidden parts of ourselves now, we can release them so that they no longer work against our conscious intentions.  All exercises related to the subconscious mind, including meditation, hypnotherapy and psychic development are supported when this house is activated.  We emerge, with more agreement between our subconscious and conscious minds.  This expands our crown chakra which strengthens our psychic abilities, our connection to our source, and our faith and trust in the divine plan.  If Uranus lands here during an eclipse, sudden, unanticipated events and disruptions that are the result of our past actions or compulsive behaviors are likely.  Information that was hidden may suddenly be revealed.  Uranus prefers to liberate us from our subconscious blocks quickly.  He seeks to set us free from self-imposed restrictions and bless us with a fresh start.

The sun, moon and planets traverse these twelve houses, while collaborating with the stars of the zodiac, with a sincere dedication to our evolution and spiritual development.  To be mindful and even appreciative of their role and assistance in our lives can lead to a smoother journey as we experience their changing influences on our psyche, our life events and our evolving consciousness.

On the day of the solar eclipse we are operating with more congruency between our will and our emotional nature.  This is an opportune time to meditate.  Meditation is a kind of medicine that strongly connects us with the source, with these celestial beings and all of the universe.  By getting grounded and resting in the dimensions of our own inner silence, the energetic frequencies within our mind and body harmonize with the frequencies of nature, and we tune into a vast sea of cosmic energy.  We can ask this cosmic force to lead us through the transitions and new beginnings of this solar eclipse and to help us make choices and take actions toward the fulfillment of our own unique potential.  While being open to change and not overly attached to specific outcomes, we swim with the universal current and not against it, we enter into symbiotic relationship with the cosmos and become part of the creative and expansive flow of the universe.