Cancellations or appointment changes require 24 hours notice to avoid additional charges. Clients are asked to pay for their session in advance, at the time of booking. Thank you.

Antara session
$245 (2 hours)
Receive intuitive insight into your health challenges and be guided through the Antara method. I have organized my material with the intention to supply enough instruction and guidance during the first session, so that you will have the tools you need to continue practicing the method on your own. Follow up sessions are not required, however they are available for those who choose to explore the method more deeply.  Please see FAQ page for more information about what to expect during your Antara session.

Please Note: When you schedule your first Antara session, you will receive a link to download a guided meditation. I ask that you practice this meditation daily, leading up to your first session with me. This will begin training your brain to enter alpha and theta brainwave states. There is a fee of $9.95 to download this guided meditation.

Follow up Antara session
$200 (90 minutes)
Rescheduling allows time for deeper exploration of the Antara method. We will also discuss your progress, and check in intuitively with your body to see if new physical, emotional, or spiritual layers of your healing process are asking to be addressed.

Distance Healing/Shamanic Energy Medicine
$145 (60 minutes)
$200 (90 minutes)
I enter an altered brainwave state and perceive energetic information from your physical body and energy field. I then help clear emotional energy blockages and balance and normalize the flow of energy through your aura, chakras and meridians. This allows life force energy to travel through the body more smoothly to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This healing session is done over the phone. Please call from a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

Intuitive Readings
$145 (60 minutes)
$200 (90 minutes)
Receive intuitive insight into your life’s challenges, opportunities and relationships.

When you request an appointment, you will receive a PayPal invoice through email. This gives you the option to pay via your PayPal account or with a credit/debit card. Once you submit payment, your session will be booked.

Skype for international calls
Clients who are calling from outside the U.S. may find it more affordable to call my landline using Skype. Skype credit is required for this and can be purchased here: 

Skype to Skype sessions, although free of charge, sometimes disconnect or freeze up in the middle of the session.  This interferes with the meditative state that the client is trying to achieve.  For this reason, I recommend calling my landline from your Skype account.