“I honestly can’t thank you enough for the session. I’ve been practicing the meditations for an hour to an hour and a half each day since our session and I’m experiencing so many amazing things. My muscles are firing, my emotions are moving, and I just generally feel such a newfound sense of hope and trust in my body. I always had faith in its ability to heal but I never quite had all the right understanding/techniques to really initiate the deeper work. Your method has really connected the dots and allowed me to find a new way of existing within my body and mind. Seriously, thank you so much. I’m excited to continue my journey and will definitely book a follow up session at some point! I’d really love to learn as much as I can from you. I found your ability to “tap in” truly remarkable. It short circuited my rational brain for sure!” – B.W.
“I talk with my body when I need to.  The pain in my jaw and low back has dramatically improved since our first session.  I would say by 70 percent on most days.  Some days it is 100 percent better.” – W.W.
“Thank you so much for my amazing session! You hold such lovely space for the work and your intuitive insights are invaluable. I felt very nurtured and guided by your presence and your words. And the Antara method you’ve designed is a powerful and compassionate framework to support my healing journey. I love the meditations and can’t wait to see how things unfold during our next session.” – M.O.
“I have had no back pain since that first session.  I had given up on ever resolving it, and now it’s gone.  Amazing.” – F.R.
“I can’t say enough positive words about Therese and the Antara healing method! I am so grateful I found her teachings when I did. I’m someone who has dealt with various forms of chronic pain/tension for 20 years. It all started when I was a teenager and no one was able to help me (including many many doctors). I just suffered secretly for years on end. In my 20’s I had a spiritual awakening of sorts and got turned onto meditation and alternative healing methods. I made progress with my condition but nothing ever did the trick…I saw maybe 50% improvement which was enough to live my life a little better. 
Well, I’m happy to say that the Antara healing method in conjunction with my recent dive into PRT (pain reprocessing therapy…highly recommend reading “The Way Out” by Alan Gordon) is connecting all the dots. I’ve been practicing the meditations and just had my first full day 90% symptom free! I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am. I’ve never had such a great and symptom free day with my body in 20 years. 
Just know, Therese’s method really works! You just have to have faith in the process of meditation. Don’t give up! Once you are reaching deeper states (of which I’m only scratching the surface of) your body really does respond to your loving attention/intention. I’m mind blown that this is not recognized in modern medicine. So many people could heal in ways that the western approach does not currently support. Science will catch up eventually… but for now, just have faith in Therese and her teachings.” – B.W.
“Therese is an exceptionally patient, kind, professional, and knowledgeable human being.  While also an incredibly talented psychic, Therese ultimately strives to empower her clients, sharing the skills and techniques that helped her tap into the awesome healing power available to us all.  She doesn’t leave you drowning at the deep end, as she is incredibly generous and responsive to clarifying questions and requests for assistance.  Therese shines a hopeful light before the path of the reluctant monk-out-monastery, mystic, and seeker ready to take the plunge and clear off the muck.  Thank you!” – D.H.
“Thank you for the information that you provided me, and the wonderful healing session that we had this week. It’s pretty amazing, the information you gave during the healing session, it helped me get a deeper understanding of the teachings from my spiritual guides. 
Just to share with you that I started to connect with my spine after our session. I often get back pain a couple days before earthquakes occur. The day after I had a session with you, I had back pain again during the night and I talked with my spine for hours before sleeping, and my spine told me and showed me that in one of my past lives, I had this life-threatening trauma, and it actually was brought forward to this lifetime.  I was shown that I unconsciously store my fears in my spine, therefore whenever my body gets weak or when the energy field is not balanced, I will have pain in my back. 

There is a lot of information from you that I need some time to digest. I’m very grateful that I found you to assist me going forward in my spiritual life. Thank you. With love and blessings!” – K.C.
“When we were in the nervous system, the pain stopped.  It was very interesting kinetically.  There was a lovely quality of softness and vibrancy.” – J.B.

“While talking with the myo-fascial system I felt immense sensations in my neck and jaw.  It was responding to me, it was changing.” – S.M.

“Everything you just said is true.  It makes so much sense, with the timing of it.  I didn’t realize that those emotions were still trapped in my back.” – M.A.

“[After the shamanic cord cutting], I saw a huge shift with my mother, almost immediately. She has called me each day this week and asked me how I am doing, and can she get me anything from the store etc., this is a real turnaround. Now I have to practice forgiving her, but that’s a good place to be.” – H.S.

“I can say that the pain has significantly improved.  I would not say 100% yet, but from a previous scale of 8/10 for pain, it is now down to 2/10… sometimes even 1. I really love the connection I feel to my body, which I’m loving more and more.” – J.D.

“The meditation really worked on my neck! The pain has been better!  I’m going to continue listening to it once or twice a day! I love it!” – V.C.

“Thank you so much!  I’ve been doing the meditation/healing twice a day since our session.  The back symptoms have improved a lot.  I am sleeping better, 2 nights in a row of 8 consecutive hours!  That hasn’t happened for at least 6 months.  In physical therapy, I am able to do strengthening exercises that I haven’t been able to do without recreating the symptoms.  The pain has decreased in both frequency and duration.” – W.W.

“I went to see this awesome structural integration practitioner for my back… and he does all sorts of visceral work on organs and fascia. He said “your bile duct is clogged” which is exactly what you said! Then he unclogged it. That was yesterday, I’m feeling much better the next day!” – H.S.

“I had a very serious back injury a year and a half ago. I was laid up for a month and could barely move. Along with the lower back, the hip was contorted and the psoas muscle was in a stressed condition. I went to massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other modalities that usually work. None of these helped…

I came across an article by Therese introducing me to and explaining the Antara Healing process. Her words blew me away with what she was sharing. I read her other articles. I was amazed and inspired as her words began to excite my mind, that there was a chance that I could be healed…

Therese’s work not only assisted in reducing the pain by 95%… but she skillfully and artfully directed me how to attune to my physical body and its consciousness. The fact that in one session I reduced the pain was amazing but equally so, I learned from Therese how to communicate with my body and that every cell in my body is consciousness. I realized that I was already experiencing my physical body communicating with me… I just didn’t know how to interpret what my body was saying. Once I discerned and comprehended how my body was speaking to me, an entirely different and uplifting relationship initiated with my physical body…

The daily interaction I now have with my body is unlike any other experience I’ve had. It’s like I have made a new life long friend. I feel my body smile at times when I cooperate with its needs to heal and release. The Antara Healing process is by far the most effective physical healing process and a re-education of how the body operates, I have ever experienced! The process also reminded me that the physical body is a link to the higher states of consciousness. The clearer my body is of toxic debris the freer it is to receive the higher light.” – E.V.

“I just wanted to thank you for your insights of a couple of months ago… I’ve just found out that I do have a digestive parasite (which you told me I did) and am working with a naturopath to help me get rid of it (upon your suggestion). I am very grateful for your intuitive gift! Hope you are well! Thanks again!” – Anonymous

“For the past 5 years, the pain never shifted at all.  I was constantly at a 9 out of 10 in pain all day. I have windows now, where I’m not even aware of the pain.  This past week, I would be driving home in the car and realize that I’m not in any pain.  I had some days in the classroom where the only time I would be aware of the pain would be when I would think about it.  It is a different space.  I’m relating to my body differently.” – D.D.

“I liked when you gave me words to say to the nervous system, honoring how delicate it is and how I appreciate it. I’m really getting how the wording can be tailored to the specific body part and what it needs to hear.  I love the work that you’re doing, and I hope it spreads far and wide. It is helpful to periodically check in. You are a veteran of this work and there are so many nuances that I can learn.” – D.B.

“I gotta tell you, things have kind of clicked into place for me. I have had this swollen lymph node in my neck for a week, and I was projecting so much worry onto it. And then I realized, I am choosing to do that. So I then apologized, told my node that I have faith in it, that it knows what it is doing, that I will give it the help it needs, and I will listen for guidance for its needs. And the node shrank back down, almost immediately. I was interfering with its process, it got stuck. Anyway, this was the first instance that I’ve seen a direct response to my conversation with my body. It has all been good and beneficial, but this was so direct! I had that experience with my node right after what felt like the first real success with breath of fire.” 
– H.S.

“I have books on talking to cells, but I never understood the right approach.  I didn’t understand my body.  I had hatred toward my body for not functioning right.  So although it was familiar, this is a different way of communicating with my body.  It is new because my body responded.  I felt so many sensations.  I felt my head change position in relation to my neck, I felt tissues stretching and moving in my feet, under my skin.  I was amazed.” – E.B.

“Wow.  It’s hard to put into words.  I just would have never thought that surgery from 30 years ago would have so much to say.  When I talked with it, there were aches and pains and twinges and I kept seeing flashes of my life back at that time.  I noticed a feeling of anger rising up… I didn’t realize that releasing a [repressed] emotion doesn’t have to be difficult.” – M.O.

“The pain in my foot is gone.  I haven’t felt any pain there since our last session.” – T.V.

“I went into a very deep still point and felt that communication happening in a deep stillness. There was a lot of sensation flowing throughout my body, but I kept my focus on my ankle most of the time, with that intelligence there. I was receiving imagery that resonated with that other lifetime. I was very touched when you shared with me that I did protect the children and the women. I feel like that’s a theme, even in this lifetime of longing to be a good man and to be a protector. And also I have been aware of wounds… of feeling that I had failed in the past. I didn’t have kids in this life, in part because I felt I couldn’t be trusted, because of what happened in that lifetime. That ultimately wasn’t my fault, but I took it on as my fault.”D.B.

“I felt clicks and pops in my right ankle.  Then I felt energy flowing down from my back into my ankle.  Then my left hip moved down and forward.  It adjusted itself!” – T.R.

“Wow.  When I connected with the Earth, that was the key.  I felt it immediately.  Then when we talked with the hip, the steady pain in the groin and buttocks eased significantly and my knee started jumping around.” – P.W.

“The sweetness and energy brings tears to my eyes every time I hear from you, or read your writings, or listen to your meditations. It touches me deep like nothing else ever has, because you’re pointing the way not only for physical healing, but to a deep, trusting connection to myself.” – D.D.

“I felt all of these sensations traveling up from my arm directly into the area where my headaches are.  I have always gone to see practitioners to move energy in my body.  I didn’t know I could do it by myself!” – M.T.

“That felt very clear.  I have a real sense of the idea of communicating with my body.  I feel hopeful, empowered, soft, grateful.  I feel a greater sense of intimacy with my body.  I could feel the energy going into the area.  I felt the potential for more to happen.  I realize that I need to get over the anger that I have at my body.” – D.S.

“I could feel my body respond to each sentence… I could feel the sensations change with the different words.  I felt all of this energy moving through the painful area.  I entered into very deep relaxation.” – D.R.

“So much happened.  While talking with the sacroiliac joint, strong sensations traveled over to my abdomen and then up into my skull, into the area where I get the headaches.” – J.B.

“I really loved my session with you.  You touched on areas no one has ever found before.  I felt a tremendous relief and release as we worked together.  The healing has continued to unfold in amazing ways.”  Thank you. – R.G.

“That felt like the most natural, loving experience ever.  Very natural feeling… deep.” – D.K.

“I felt sensations migrating down my back, then down the back of my leg, then the bones in my spine shifted and I felt two cracks in my back.” – T.C.

“My body generates these sensations in my spine, but I wasn’t able to cooperate with it before so it would lead to intense pain.  You’ve given me some really solid tools.  I feel like you put together some missing pieces for me.  I’m so glad I reached out to you.  I’m really grateful for your work.  What you said about your soul and your body and the intimacy of that relationship really influenced me; I felt a cellular coherency.  It helped me land in the feeling of the universe as a benevolent and kind place and it brought that universal love into my body.” – N.B.

“I was surprised that you wanted to talk with the bones in my inner ear.  Many years ago, they [doctors] told me that I had an injury to my inner ear.” – J.D.

“I know exactly who that person is that you are describing.  Now that I think about it, the pain did start around that time too.  I guess I was still holding that experience inside my body.”  – J.V.

“The post nasal drip stopped while I was talking with my throat.” – M.H.

“Your capacity to synthesize knowledge from many different sources with your clear intuition is a powerful combination.  You have helped me to have a deeper conversation with parts of my body that were previously blocked to me by trauma.  Thank you.” – R.Y.

“That is so interesting that you heard the word “vaccine” when you asked about the root cause.   I received 10-12 smallpox vaccinations as an experimental treatment back in the 1930’s.” – P.S.

“That was really beautiful.  I entered into a very deep connection with my body.  I felt sensations moving around through different joints in my body as I talked with my hip.” – K.B.

“When we were talking with the scar tissue, I was surprised by the emotions that came up.” – B.H.

“I feel such a stronger desire to respect and be grateful for my body.  I’m looking forward to where this takes me.” – T.G.

“When I talked with my right rib, I became aware of all this pent up anger at my mother.” – J.J.

“Such a joy to have found you!  Thank you to so beautifully lead me back home; you are indeed very special and my healing and reconnection with my spirit – my awakening, has truly begun.  I wish you love, peace and happy holidays – thank you for you.” – P.W.

“I have been meditating a long time.  When we were talking with my nervous system, I felt stronger sensations in my body than ever before.” – J.M.

“It’s funny, the sensations were changing based on where my attention was.  I felt twitching and moving that I haven’t felt before.  It did feel like a two-way conversation.” – D.M.

“When we were talking to my leg, I felt tugging all the way up in my throat like we were stretching the fascia.  Then all of this energy flowed in.” – R.Y.

“That was really powerful… beautiful.  I didn’t realize how much the body holds onto.” – K.H.

“I hadn’t realized that my foot pain was connected to my sacrum.  When we talked to it [sacrum], all of this tingling traveled down into my foot and right into that top part of my foot where the pain is.” – T.V.

“That was the first time in a long time that I have payed that much attention to my body and my self.  And you were spot on with what you said, when I talked to that part of my spine, I felt sensations in my shoulder blade, and traveling right through that problem area.  The sensations changed depending on what I said.” – T.W.

“I felt pulling and tugging in my rib cage, like it was trying to release the scar tissue.” – J.W.

“Your wisdom, compassion, and presence are a pearl of great price.  I so appreciate the guided meditations… just perfect… and powerful!” – D.D.

“I feel so much different about my body.  I feel like my body is my friend.”  – A.W.

“Antara is like opening a door to your own self…a self that you never knew existed.  Once you arrive you see that you are infinitely connected to your past, present, future, and the entire universe within your own body.  The possibilities for healing through consciousness are endless…and this healing takes place within the context of love and compassion for oneself.” – T.V.