Products that I have used and highly recommend:

Guided Meditations for Beginners  Binaural frequencies to train your brain to enter alpha and theta brainwave states.

Radiation-Free Headsets  Microwave radiation emitted by your cell phone interferes with alpha and theta brainwave activity.

Trace Minerals  Support the proper balance of chemical and electrical processes in your body. (Adding 2-4 drops to every 16 oz. glass of water that you drink throughout the day is sufficient for most people.)

Recommended Nutritional Supplements  Create a free account and enter access code “Antara” and postal code “98103” to receive a 20% discount on high-quality supplements. See my Practitioner’s Recommended Product list (lower left).

Water Filters  Remove harmful chemicals from your drinking water with Custom Pure innovative water filtration technology.

Essential Oils  Health-promoting botanicals for topical use. I especially recommend the stretch mark formula.

Yamuna Body Rolling Kit  Self-massage kit to relieve muscle tension, improve mobility and flexibility.

Free Astrology Chart Drawings  The birth chart can be seen as a map of one’s life. It can be used to understand the challenges you experience, the evolutionary goals your soul planned for this incarnation and how to achieve your true life purpose.

It is especially helpful to read about the Lunar nodes, Chiron and Saturn. Start by locating the house and sign of the North and South nodes of the moon on your birth chart. Then locate the house and sign of your natal Chiron and Saturn and the planets in aspect to them. Recommended reading:

Astrology For The Soul

Karmic Astrology

Chiron And The Healing Journey

Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil

The understanding of karma and reincarnation is important to the successful navigation of our present life’s challenges, opportunities and relationships. Karma is not punishment, but an opportunity to evolve. We come back to work on lessons that we did not learn fully in previous lifetimes. Recommended reading on reincarnation:

Many Lives, Many Masters

Journey of Souls

The Convoluted Universe

Your Soul’s Gift